To Pee, or Not To Pee… in a Car.

Imagine a parking lot of 6 lanes of stopped cars. It’s 1:40pm and brutal LA traffic is already in full affect. Your daughter needs to be picked up across town by 2pm. Meanwhile, your 1yr old is asleep in her carseat and your 5yr old son proclaims “Mommy, I have to go pee pee!!!” But in a failed attempt to move faster, you have joined the left-ish of 6 stopped lanes of traffic. What do you do?
I needed to act fast. So naturally I grabbed an empty cup occupying the cupholder. While the top harness stayed in tact, my son unbuckled the bottom portion of his seatbelt. We were in stopped traffic so with one hand on the wheel and the other holding the cup, I carefully held it at an angle as to ensure no spill over. My instructions were very clear, aim down towards the cup. With my eyes on the car in front of me, I waited but heard and felt no urine contact…
That’s when I looked back… there it was… a jet stream of urine aimed directly up into his own face. As I shouted “POINT DOWN! POINT DOWN!!!” he ever so slightly shifted aim only to have the still very powerful jet stream of urine now spraying the ceiling of my SUV, making an almost perfect arch into my purse and passenger seat… it kept going.
I succumbed to defeat and dropped the cup, placed my other hand back on the steering wheel and moved 20 inches further in traffic.
Life of MOMment Short Story Series.
by Lucy Riles, Life of Mom Co-Founder

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