The Birth of the Bestie Moon!

Congratulations! You are about to become a new Mommy to an adorable mini version of yourself. But hold on to your stirrups mama, you have one more thing to do before baby arrives… and that is a “Bestie Moon!” It’s a “Baby Moon” minus the Daddy plus the Bestie!
You see, once upon a time, (about 3 weeks ago) my Bestie was desperate for a relaxing trip before baby #3 arrived. She had it all worked out for her mom and sister to watch her little ones for a few nights… the only problem was her husband couldn’t take off work. As great Dads do, he was saving his time off for when the baby arrives.
What, oh what is a Mom-to-be to do!?!?
So one day, Mommy-to-be was venting to her Bestie (aka me!) about how badly she needed to go someplace warm, somewhere she could sleep in and not feel the stress of everyday motherhood. It was in that moment that the birth of the “Bestie Moon” was delivered into my brain. I had a trip already planned to Austin, TX so I thought “Hey Bestie! You should come to Austin with me!” And she did…
…and Mommy-to-be and her Bestie lived happily ever after!
The End.
by Lucy Riles, Life of Mom Co-Founder

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