Lucy Riles is a mom to 3 adorable children, 2 royally cute dogs and a wife to 1 sensational husband. In addition to her role as “human creator”, Lucy is also a content creator, writer, performer and storyteller at heart.

As the youngest of 12 children, Lucy grew up on the south side of Chicago raised by two amazing parents. Needless to say, there was never a shortage of love and support. After graduating college, Lucy moved to Los Angeles, away from “her village” to pursue a career in entertainment. There she met her husband Tom, founder of Life of Dad.

But in 2010, Tom and Lucy’s first child was born with a serious heart condition requiring life saving open-heart surgery at 3 days old. Motherhood was both terrifying and isolating for this new mom living away from her village. Desperate for that love and support, Lucy turned to social media.

In 2016, Lucy founded Life of Mom, a “virtual village” for moms worldwide. Through sharing some of her own personal, sometimes hilariously, sometimes heartbreaking, but always authentic stories, Lucy grew Life of Mom substantially in 3 short years. Moms are drawn to share their own “life of mom” moments on this judgement-free platform because Life of Mom provides moms a safe place to share, vent, laugh or cry. Lucy’s goal is and has always been to support and celebrate moms. Connecting to those moms who are feeling isolated like Lucy once felt…and to support them and remind them that they are not alone on this wild (often demanding) ride called motherhood.

Lucy is thrilled to report that she has found her village again in the incredible Life of Mom community.