Lucy Riles is a wife, mom of 4 and founder of Life of Mom, a “virtual village” for moms worldwide. Her goal for Life of Mom is and has always been to support and celebrate moms by creating a positive, safe space to bring a community together who share in this universal role called motherhood. When Lucy started Life of Mom in 2016, she had very specific intentions; help moms feel less isolated and no judgement allowed, motherhood is hard enough! These ideals came from Lucy’s own experiences as a new mom.

In 2010, Lucy’s entrance into motherhood was both terrifying and isolating when her first child was born with a serious heart condition requiring life-saving open heart surgery at 3 days old.  Within the first 5 years of motherhood, Lucy was raising a medically fragile child with special needs as well as suffered the loss of her mom and stillborn son. By sharing some of her truth and vulnerability in each story and post she shared, Life of Mom’s community continues to grow more and more by the day. Lucy’s story is one of hope after loss, love after heartbreak and having an inner mother warrior strength during life’s most difficult times…universal emotions that bring moms together.

Over the past few months, Lucy’s first book, From Belly to Baby a pregnancy journal and baby’s first year was published. Lucy and her husband/founder of Life of Dad, Tom Riles performed in their first live comedy show, Date Night Live and podcast series, Mom vs. Dad: Whose Side Are You On?