Welcome to Life of Mom, a “Virtual Village” for moms to find support and be celebrated throughout this wild ride called motherhood!


Life of Dad & Life of Mom founders have joined forces for a fun lighthearted book every couple will relate to titled, MOM vs DAD: The Not-S0-Serious Guide to the Stuff We’re All Fighting About


And podcast, Mom vs. Dad: Whose Side Are You On? After 12 years of marriage, 4 kids and 2 dogs later…Lucy & Tommy have a lot to say!

Whether you are a Hot Mess, Blessed, find yourself too busy Chasing Toddlers or wondering if it’s Wine O’clock yet… Life of Mom serves as a simple reminder that YOU ARE NOT ALONE on this ride called motherhood. Take pride knowing you are an exclusive member of this “virtual village” called Life of Mom!

Welcome & thank you for being a part of Life of Mom!!!

Much love & gratitude,

Lucy Riles, Life of Mom Founder