If I could describe 2020 in one word it would be GRIT. I’ve always been more of a HOPE kind of girl…but 2020 is all grit. Everyone agrees 2020 has been complete crap, myself included. But then I think…

In 2019, I would have been winded and out of breath walking up a flight of stairs.
In 2020, I hiked 15+ miles at 5000+ elevation within 25 hours.

In 2019, I weighed 145lbs at 39 and didn’t hike because I was afraid of snakes.
In 2020, I now weigh 120lbs at 40 and hike, even though I’m afraid of snakes.

In 2019, my priorities were school drop-offs and pick-ups and writing my first published book.
In 2020, my priorities currently are promoting my second book I wrote with my husband and a new TV series I will be on where I travel the world with my dog premiering on a major streaming network…all the while running Life of Mom and juggling 3 kids at home full-time doing distance learning during a global pandemic. (Now there is a sentence I never thought I’d write!)

In 2019, I could barely keep up with my kids.
In 2020, I started running for the first time in my life. Not because I wanted to, but because I was competing against crazy fit, young people on #ThePack and I had to make moms look good and strong. And if I could describe what got Duchess and I through competing on The Pack…hands down, it was GRIT!

In 2019, I thought my prime had passed somewhere in my 20s or 30s.
In 2020, I’m just getting started as I wait for the Rona to pass so Mama Luce can show the world that your 40s is where👏it’s👏at👏

In 2019, I was full of hope.
In 2020, I am a girl from the south side of Chicago, youngest of 12 kids, who refuses to give up, using the grit my parent’s raised me with and my fiery Irish temper to fight through and persevere.

So as much as there is SO much I hate about you, 2020… I appreciate you 2020. The hardest, most devastating experiences in my life have also been the most transformative… the heartbreak… the despair… the hopelessness… the GRIT that came out of it.

Do I wish this pandemic never happened? Absolutely!
But am I going to be a better person because I’ve lived through a global pandemic? Absolutely!

And you will be too.

Lucy Riles

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