When a Mom and Her Dog Sign-Up to Do a Reality Competition Series…

I was the only mom, competing against 11 other contestants, many of whom were 10+ years younger than me.

She was the only Lab and family dog, competing against dogs with tricks and skills like I’ve never seen before.

For several weeks, Duchess and I traveled the world together, while my husband took care of the kids and our other dog.

He was the reason I went. He believed in me when I didn’t.

After being a SAHM for a decade so his career could grow and thrive, he encouraged “this is your time to shine Lucy, you got this!”

But I worried…”What if something happens? What if the kids get sick or break a bone and I’m not there?” Lots and lots of “What if’s?” settled in. (Thank you anxiety disorder.)

“What if other moms judge me for leaving my kids? Does that make me selfish?” I would ask myself far too many times for my own good.

Cut to today. It’s been almost a year since Duchess and I decided to go on The Pack and here is what actually came out of it…

I’m a better mom because of this experience! My kids have been on more hikes and adventures in the past 6 months than they have in a decade. My love for adventure has always been there, but my fear and anxiety always set limits on really going for it.

I bonded with my best friend, my best girl Duchess in the most meaningful way. She has always been there by my side, giving me her all. Unfortunately, I was always too distracted by kids and life to give her true one-on-one attention…until The Pack.

After seeing the world, I came home wanting to show my kids the world.

I lost over 20lbs in a few months because for the first time in forever, I made my physical fitness a priority. This also helps me tremendously as a mom.

I made the most amazing friendships with some of the most beautiful human/dog souls I’ve ever come across.

From left to right: Brian & Dixie, Chisum & Kepo, Lihn & Chance, Josh & Snow, Donna & Charlie, Chelsey & Gryffin, Daniel & Allister, Mitra & Bozley, Kentucky & Derby, Mark & Ace, Lucy & Duchess

My anxiety is still very much alive and well (The Rona doesn’t help), but I push through my fears, doubts and limits because I now know how thrilling it feels on the other side.

Life of Mom Founder

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