Get Along Shirts…Not Just for Kids!

Who wore it better; the Kids or the Parents?

In our house, if you can’t get along, you get in the Get Along Shirt…doesn’t matter your age and title of kid, mom or dad.

Okay truth be told, the Get Along Shirt has only been used once for each of us but gotta say it was pretty effective.

When I was growing up in a house with 12 kids, my mom would make us go on “love walks” which meant we had to walk around the block holding hands. It was torture for us kids! All my mom had to do was threaten the love walk and I’d fall in line. Well played mom👏👏👏 What tactics do you use to get your kids to get along? And what did your parents do with you and your siblings?

Gotta run. My kids aren’t getting along again!

Lucy Riles, Life of Mom founder

Side note: my kid’s faces are everything😂😂😂 

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