The Mom on the Other Side of the Lens

This photo captures a boy running towards his mom…upon zooming in, mom notices the boy’s expression is one of sheer joy. Now on the other end of this lens is not a new toy or a cupcake…it is the moment upon seeing his mom. Truth be told, mom had only stepped away for literally 10 minutes to walk the beach with his grandpa. But in those fleeting moments, this boy managed to garner up enough excitement waiting, anticipating the return of his mom. 
Now his mom knows full well that 5…10…15 years from now, the chances of him being this excited to see her will be slim to none. 
So how do you savor this moment?! Well the plan is to blow this photo up to a 16×9 and plaster it on the wall during his teen years. 
A reminder that for a brief MOMent in time, this boy thought mom hung the moon.

This boy’s mom is me.

Lucy Riles, Life of Mom Founder


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