Pictured here are my parents, Barb and Jim with their 12th child…me.

By the time I came along they were both 48 years old…the same age as many of my friend’s grandparents. 

People always asked me if I wished my parents were younger…my answer was always no.

Barb and Jim experienced quite a bit of life and parenting by the time I came along which gave them something many young parents did not have…perspective.

These Depression babies turned high school sweethearts grew up together, made vows together, made mistakes together, raised 12 kids…always together.

Barb and Jim were wise beyond. They were a couple with deep values rooted in their faith in God. They didn’t judge others…they were too busy raising 12 kids and being judged by others for having 12 kids.

What the outside looking in thought didn’t matter…all that mattered was what was inside.

If not for their invincible love for each other, they could have been affected and cared more about what other people thought…like deciding to have less than a dozen kids for example.

What does that make me…Lucky.

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

Your Baby, #12

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