7 Household Must-Haves During Cold and Flu Seasons

This is a sponsored post by Crane USA.

#1: Humidifiers. There are a ton of health benefits to using a humidifier: reducing the circulation of the flu by filtering the air, reducing snoring, and keeping a cough moist and productive. It’s the best defense and offense against those nasty germs. And now Crane has designed a new, easier-to-clean Top Fill Humidifier that has dishwasher-safe parts, and the process of filling it is so simple it’s a dream. There’s even a color-changing light that the kiddos love, and a tank that can filter essential oils that mommy and daddy love, too!

#2: the B.R.A.T diet.  If your kids’ tummies are feeling a little iffy amidst the various viruses and unhealthy holiday food, the B.R.A.T. diet is your next best friend. Bananas, rice, apples, and toast are all relatively bland foods that contain low amounts of fiber, protein, and fat. This allows digestion without much effort on the gastrointestinal tract’s part, and thus gives your child’s tummy the chance to relax a bit. So, stock up on those aforementioned items now before a tummy bug hits later!

#3: Electrolytes aka rehydration drinks or popsicles. No matter what illness may be running its way through your household, your kiddos are bound to be slightly dehydrated in their efforts to fight it off. Keeping drinks or foods that are filled with electrolytes in the house will ensure that you can help them stay hydrated, and thus stronger, through it all.

#4: the Crane Air Purifier. This classic purifies the air in your home to a 99.7% success rate, which allows for reduced asthma triggers, dust, asbestos, smoke, and other harmful particles. These often invisible toxins can affect our breathing and overall health more than we know, which makes our inability to see them even more dangerous. Thus, air purifiers are one of the world’s most unsung heroes. Thank you, Crane, for creating one with such an awesome, five-level filtration system that is so easily replaced.

#5: Tissues, Tissues & Tissues. Speaking of breathing clearly (and relatedly, runny noses), we can’t seem to get through a sniffly season without an armada of tissue boxes. Of course, our kiddos blow their noses once and think they’re all done with the sheet when if it’s got plenty more real estate left. Train your kiddos to maximize their tissue use, buy a bunch of boxes, and bring it on, boogers! By the way, it’s not just our house that looks like it’s been the site of a booger snowball fight, right? If you want to keep the dirty tissues contained, pull off one of these mom hacks found on Pinterest when the empty tissue box acquires the used tissues. (mind blown)

#6: “All The Things” aka hand sanitizer, soap, essential oils, antibacterial products. With all the nose and throat emissions coming from our kids and various family members, the only thing we can do effectively is wash our hands of germs and bacteria as much as possible. Some of the most germ-infested items are your smart phones and computers… so don’t forget to wipe down electronics, not just toilets and doorknobs.Essential oils are great natural remedies during flu season and now with the new Top Fill Crane Humidifier, you can place your essential oils directing into it.

#7: TLC. Last but not least, we all know one of the most powerful healing tools exist within the arms of your mom or dad! Almost nothing can beat our cuddles when our littles are under the weather, so turn on that humidifier, snuggle up, and don’t forget to have the tissues and fluids nearby. Because sometimes a little TLC, tender loving care is the best you can do when illness hits your home.

by Lucy Riles, Life of Mom founder

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