EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a sponsored campaign on behalf of Stitch Fix, however the family fun is all ours. For more information on Stitch Fix, check them out HERE, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Oh, family photos… just the mere sight of seeing those two words put together can cause any mom to feel pressure and stress while simultaneously causing immense determination to achieve that one frame-worthy photo that will be treasured for decades to come. Just throw some outfits together and grab someone to take your photo. Sounds simple, right?!? Not so much.

Now, I’m fairly capable of throwing an outfit together. But throwing together five coordinating outfits is another story. Mom feels required to find outfits that make them feel confident and comfortable, something that fits each of their personalities; from my budget-conscious husband to my fiercely strong-willed first-born to my preppy, traditional boy to my sassy, diva toddler…  

…don’t let her cuteness fool you – this balloon is going straight to mommy’s face!

Needless to say, the pressure seems to be on for this mom when it comes to family photos!

Like many moms before me, I find myself scrolling through social media and hashtags looking for a style, color scheme or something that catches my eye. All the while, wishing I could either A) channel an inner-stylist from within or B) afford a stylist.

Well today, my wish is coming true! A company that I have used for my own personal styling needs, Stitch Fix, has launched a service for kids! From graphic tees and leggings to dresses and jeans, Stitch Fix Kids offers a diverse range of styles that are comfortable for playing, climbing and creating…something my kids are always doing!

My littles are 3, 6 and 8 with very different personalities, so when I went to set up each of their Stitch Fix Kids profiles, I absolutely LOVED the time they spent making each box unique to them, even including a super sweet, personalized note!

When the kids opened their adorable Fixes full of fun, as a mom, I was thrilled to see several interchangeable wardrobe pieces that were stylish, practical and affordable. Depending on your comfort level, Stitch Fix Kids pieces will range in price from $10-$35 per item depending on your preferences.

For example, when filling out my toddler’s profile, Stitch Fix asked if I had any notes for the stylist. I wrote how much my toddler loved the color red. So in her box, was this gorgeous Kate Spade red dress for $34.

My tot immediately wanted to put it on as she marched through the house waiting for each family member to sing her praises! While she felt beautiful and confident, my mom-brain was thinking “this dress will be great for the holiday season, for an upcoming family wedding and for class photos… well worth the money spent!”

Now it was time for our family photo…I laid out all of our Stitch Fix boxes and went to work coordinating looks based on our stylist’s suggestions until I came up with a winning combo. Yes, they have Stitch Fix for men too! There is nothing that gives me more joy than to ditch his cargo pants circa 2005 for some fine, upgraded quality pieces!

And anything that didn’t quite fit right, I simply returned in their pre-labeled return bags and shipped back. I love that moms can rest assured knowing all shipping, returns and exchanges are always free. And as an added bonus, if you choose to keep everything that Stitch Fix sends, you receive a 25% off discount. Sign up for automatic deliveries or schedule anytime… and there is no subscription required!

Moral of the story? Mom’s mad pressure to find that frame-worthy photo is now FIXED! Thanks to Stitch Fix!

by Lucy Riles, Life of Mom Founder

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