It’s just us. She and I…

This is how she always sleeps, chiseled into my neckline and chest ever since she was a newborn and still does 3 years later. With the right position in a dimly lit room with a fan going, she’s sound asleep in less than 4 minutes. 
I’ve officially mastered the nap. 
Now bedtime is another story… my husband has been pushing to eliminate her naps… but he’s also at work in the late afternoon when she rages from exhaustion if she doesn’t nap. Easy for him to say! 
But in all seriousness, she’s my last… my baby. I’m not ready to give up those quiet afternoon cuddles, the calm before the “after school” storm. 
It’s just us. She and I… and I’m just going to savor these MOMents for a little while longer. She and I… my rainbow baby of hope🌈

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