No matter what age, “YOU WILL ALWAYS NEED YOUR MOM!”

I’ve always felt this statement to be true… that no matter, “YOU WILL ALWAYS NEED YOUR MOM!”
This past weekend validated just that as I flew back home to my beloved Chicago and Indiana to spend some quality time with two of my closest, oldest and dearest friends; 
While one celebrated one of the happiest days of her life, her wedding❤️
The other one is going through one of the scariest, most heartbreaking days of her life as she cares for her very ill child💔

I watched a heartsick mom devote every waking minute nurturing and caring for her fragile baby while her mom shed tears of pain watching her child and grandchild go through so much… Missing and wishing for her own mom for support.

Then I watched an excited bride-to-be shed tears of pure joy as she walked into the arms of her new husband while her mom shed tears of pride and nostalgia as she sat next to her own beaming mom.

What a roller coaster life is…
I literally spent the happiest and saddest MOMents in my best friend’s lives in the span of 4 days… and one very similar, very present universal theme surrounded them both… a mother’s love❤️

(This photo was taken 37-ish years ago of me and my mom who I miss every single day💙)

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