My Father’s Love

The day I was born, my dad was 48 years old.

The year I graduated from 8th grade, my dad retired from working two jobs.

The countless plays I performed, my dad slept…I mean sat through every single performance.

The year I graduated from college, my dad survived quintuple bypass and colon cancer.

The day my boyfriend asked for my hand in marriage, my dad gave his blessing.

The summer I got married, my dad found out his high school sweetheart and wife of 53 years was diagnosed with terminal cancer. 

The day I buried my mom, my dad would have jumped in alongside her if there was enough room in her casket.

The day I shared the news that I was going to be a mom for the first time, my dad wept when he heard my baby’s due date was mom’s birthday.

The day my daughter was born, my dad was there by my side in the corner of the delivery room.

The day of my daughter’s open-heart surgery, my dad was there by my side in the CTICU at Children’s Hospital.

The day I found out I had miscarried, my dad was there by my side in the doctor’s office, holding my hand.

The day all of my children were baptized and for countless birthdays, my dad flew out to be there.

The day I lost my stillborn son, my dad stayed on the phone with me as I cried hysterically, trying to calm me down until I got home safely to my husband and kids.

The time I lost all faith in God, my dad prayed…just as he does every single morning at church and every night when he kneels down and says his rosary.

The days I spend stressing about work and deadlines and IEPs and my kids fighting and whining and complaining, my dad drives up to the cemetery, takes out his lawn chair and watering can from his car and waters my mom’s gravestone flowers and sits in his chair alongside the love of his life.

The day I wrote this post, my dad turned 88 years old.

Pretty amazing dad, right?! Now times that by 12. My dad has made that same kind of impact on my 11 older brothers and sisters. Each sharing cherished memories of my dad always being there for us. Dad, the love you and mom have given us is worth a million pearls…we are all rich with love️.

Happy Birthday Daddy!


Your Baby, #12

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  1. Nancy says:

    Beautiful, very lucky woman, very wonderful husband and father

    1. Debbue says:

      I love this story and your big family. God was good to your whole family. Cherished and blessed.

    2. Holly Kasten says:

      You are very blessed, the one thought I would like to share with you is this…. The stillborn and or miscarriage children are more than likely keeping your mother entertained in heaven, God bless and keep your family safesafe

  2. Roxane says:

    What a father’s love ❤

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