As You Start Back to School, Remember Mom’s Love is With You!

Mom’s love is with you as you start back at school,

Once you walk off, mommy might cry like a fool.

Hugs might be extended when it’s time for goodbye,

But I know to let go, it’s time for you to fly.


Mom’s love is with you when your teacher asks

“Please stand up and say your name.”

Remember, YOU ARE WONDERFUL, mom loves you,

Be proud of who you are, no shame.


Mom’s love is with you when you hang up your backpack,

When you take a sip of water or sit down for a snack.

And if you need a little reminder of my constant love for you,

Here’s a message from mom to say I’m thinking about you too.


Mom’s love is with you when you’re learning math,

During writing, reading and spelling words too.

When you’re running laps in P.E.

And painting art green and blue.


Mom’s love is with you when it’s time to eat lunch,

You may eat your snacks first, mom has a hunch.

But that’s okay,

You are free to be you!

Mom’s love is with you when you’re meeting someone new

Some kids may not be very nice and some may adore you,

But be kind to everyone anyways is the key thing to do,

You are already loved by so many… if only you knew.


Mom’s love is with you at pick-up,

The day may have had a few hiccups,

But you did it!

We did it!

We made it through!


Mom’s love is with you back home when you play,

Drawing, building, games is how we spend the rest of the day.

No homework for now, no sir, no way.

Time to unwind from your big, busy day.


Mom’s Love is with you as you fall asleep tonight,

Feeling pride for my child; their will and their might.

There may have been tears shed, perhaps just from me,

But we made it through the first day of school… yippee!

By Lucy Riles

Life of Mom Founder

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a sponsored campaign on behalf of Stuck on You, however the content and opinions are all mine. All products pictured here are Stuck on You. For more information on Stuck on You, check them out HERE, on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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