To My Husband, On Our 11th Wedding Anniversary…

He wakes up at 4am everyday to work on Life of Dad until the kids wake up. Then he makes everyone breakfast and does 88% of the morning routine to get the kids off to camp or school, depending on what time of the year it is.
After that, he’s back to work on #lifeofdad determined to make sure it’s the greatest community for dads.
In the afternoon, he takes a break from Life of Dad to go work for the GOAT of daytime television at The Ellen Show. During the summer when the show is dark, he hustles to work any extra gigs for extra cash…like today…it’s a Sunday and he’s working a 15 hour day on a show.
If work doesn’t require long days, he’s making dinner most nights and helping with bedtime routine.
Now…the day you say “I do” to a lifetime commitment with another person could result in a million different outcomes… .

Do I feel like I hit the jackpot when it comes to husbands? I DO!

Do I think my kids landed one of the greatest dads of all time? I DO!

Do I think the older he gets, the hotter he gets? I DO!

Do I take him and all he does for our family on a daily basis for granted and not tell him enough how grateful we are to have him? I DO!

Do I think I made the greatest decision ever, 11 years ago, when I married this man? I DO!

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