“Mommy, do you think I’m on Santa’s good list?”

What is your grown up Christmas wish?
As a kid, there was no greater feeling on Christmas morning than running into a room full of presents with your name on it. Putting my kids to bed tonight, I felt that same thrill and anticipation fester out of every bone of their body.
Now that I’m a mom, one of my favorite things to do is wait until that last wiggle finally settles for the night and be a part of that Christmas morning magic🎅🏼🎁🎄 Gone are the days of seeking out my name on a beautifully wrapped box. Instead, my true joy lies in the eyes and hearts of my little ones the moment they find a gift with their name on it🎁

Earlier tonight, I had this conversation with my 4 year old driving home from Christmas Eve mass that got me thinking…
4yo: Mommy, do you think I’m on Santa’s good list?
Me: Absolutely!
4yo: Mommy, who do you think is on Santa’s naughty list?
Me: I don’t believe Santa has a naughty list. I think all children are on the good list. And if a kid acts naughty, it’s probably because they feel misunderstood. But there is good in every child.
(Took a chapter from the Christmas movie, Fred Claus)

I guess you could say my grown up Christmas wish would be for every child to be adorned with gifts of love and validated that they are good❤️

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