This is not how I pictured your first day to be…

This is not how I pictured your first day to be,
It’s a milestone year for you, don’t you see.

You don’t know any different,
Gosh kids are so resilient.

But if Mommy’s being honest,
I’m frustrated and sad.
No one should have to
Learn alone on an iPad.

You deserve to be in a brightly colored room,
Holding hands with a cheerful teacher…
Not on zoom.

And speaking of teachers,
They are heaven-sent,
A completely new way of learning,
They must invent.

Now the first day of school
Is usually emotional for parents,
Watching you walk away,
While we cling to a school fence.

Mommy and Daddy are still emotional,
But for a much different reason.
Pandemic parenting has taken its toll,
As we enter a third season.

“When the coronavirus is over,
Can I see my friends”
You ask on the daily.
My heart breaks,
Hoping this ends.

I want to fast-forward to a much happier time,
Where hugs and handshakes are perfectly fine,
Playgrounds aren’t roped off for you to climb,
Where birthday parties include more than a sign.

We will get there someday my sweet little one,
Mommy promises…the best is yet to come.

I wish I could tell you when that fateful day will be,
So I want to thank you for being so patient with me.

You are strong.
You are smart.
You got this kid.
With all your heart.

This is not how I pictured your first day to be…

Oh! It’s time for your zoom call.

Stay muted.

And take a seat.

A Poem by Lucy Riles

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