These are the photos I usually delete…

They are awkward, unflattering and blurry. They are the photos I usually attempt to hide from the world. But these are also the photos taken by my kids after grabbing my phone in what I think is an attempt to go on YouTube Kids. Instead, they take candid photos of their mom. 
This is my life of mom.
This is how my kids see me. 
The way I look to them.

What I actually look like 99.99% of the time.

But would never dare share.

Because I want to give off this impression that I wear makeup, dress up with my hair done on a regular basis to live some fabulous lifestyle.

But I don’t.

Social media (and the people who are on it) will often portray some glamorous lifestyle that doesn’t actually exist…
okay maybe it does 00.01% of the time😉

What are some of your REAL #lifeofmomtruths?

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