I’m Sorry… I’m Not Sorry for Selfies.

In 2002, my mom and I were at the Pacific Ocean together. In an attempt to fit us both in with the ocean, I flipped my disposable camera around and snapped a picture. Little did I know that one day this style of photography would be a phenomenon called “taking a selfie.” What I also didn’t know is how much this photo would later mean to me… In March 2009, my mom passed away to cancer. Unlike other losses, I find myself missing her more each year. At 36, I still desperately need my mom… only proving that you will always need your mom, no matter what age. How I wish I could have shared motherhood with her… what an incredible Grandma she would have been to my children. All I have left are the memories we shared so I find myself gripping on to any photos of us together.
Because of this, I am not sorry for all the selfies I take with my children and husband. As the mom, you are often the first to grab your phone and snap a picture of that moment in time…why not add yourself to the memory. Contrary to what some may think, selfies are actually not always selfish, I would argue selfies can even be selfless, especially if you are a parent. Whether you are taking your children on a great adventure or simply a long lasting morning cuddle you hope will never end… wouldn’t it be nice for your kids to see you in that memory.
One day we will be gone… (not in a morbid kind of way but just the facts of life kind of way) and it’s likely your children won’t treasure the countless photos of themselves as a kid… They will cherish and treasure the ones with you in it. They will see the love, pride and joy beaming from your eyes and smile… and they will know how very much they were loved.
So I encourage you mamas to go take those selfies and be proud to be included in a MOMment in time.
by Lucy Riles, Life of Mom Co-founder

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