Staying Comfortable while Staying at Home

*This is a paid sponsorship with Luuf but all opinions are my own.

We here at Life of Mom are firm believers that amidst all of the recent madness, instead of just “staying at home,” we would be aiming for super comfortable at home. So, when Luuf brand beds reached out to us for a partnership and giveaway, we jumped at the chance! 

And now we want to help YOU sleep like a king or queen, too! To enter to win $600 worth of Luuf products, click HERE, and remember that if you purchase a mattress with our code LIFEOFMOM20 you will not only receive 20% off, but you’ll also receive three extra giveaway entries.

If you had asked a couple weeks ago how much rest we were snagging, the answer would have been abysmal. But after Luuf’s generous upgrade, we are basically sleeping like royalty (is this what it feels like, Duke and Duchess?)! 

If you haven’t yet heard of Luuf, they are an American-based company that only uses components free of harsh chemicals and carcinogens in all of their products. They sell several types of luxury, affordable mattresses, as well as many different sleep-related products. And one of the most enticing things about their products are the prices: because they’ve committed fully to customer service instead of physical expansion, they spend less overhead on store fronts, and can keep their costs much lower than other products of the same quality.


Of course, we’d never feel comfortable sharing about a company we don’t fully believe in, so we had to try everything out for ourselves first! Luuf generously gifted us with each of the following:

  • A Simplicity mattress, designed for sleepers age 10 and up, the perfect ‘bridge’ bed between the Little Luuf & the Luxury Luuf

Little Luuf mattresses that are made with non-toxic ingredients (no carcinogens or heavy metals) and are specifically created with coils placed perfectly for children 25 to 100 pounds


  • A Plush Multi-sleeper mattress that was crafted for those seeking extra support, comfort, or temperature control

You’ll never have to go in a store to deal with another awkward sales pitch; all Luuf beds can be purchased pain-free on their website or via live customer service on the phone. 

And as if that wasn’t enough, we were gifted all of these amazing sleep accessories (and will be giving one lucky winner a $600 credit to purchase their own here): 

– A weighted blanket, made of hypoallergenic materials (which comes in 7 lbs for children and 15 lbs & 20 lbs for adults) with even weight distribution. This is ideal for restless sleepers, restless legs, or any other anxiety-based issues during sleep

– Three different types of pillows (Adjustable Down Alternative pillow that feels just like down without the allergens or quills, the Gel Dough Firm for extra support, and the Ultimate Cooling Pillow that is moderately firm and pretty darn cool if you ask us). Their pillows are sort of magical and cater to every type of sleeper!

– A mattress protector that enables any of your new Luuf mattresses to stay sanitary and under warranty!

Sheets made with TENCEL fabric that offer moisture management and temperature regulation (just what 

my sweaty-sleeper-husband needed to stay cool on warm nights and warm on cool nights)!

Trust us, quarantine is about to become a lot more comfortable! 

Click here to enter our giveaway, and remember that if you purchase a mattress with our code LIFEOFMOM20 you will not only receive 20% off, but you’ll also receive three extra giveaway entries.

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