H.O.P.E – Hold On, Pain Ends

A few weeks after losing my stillborn son, I went in for a follow-up with my OB. She said something at the time I couldn’t possibly fathom…she said “When you are ready to try again, come back and we will get you your healthy baby.” My response…”WHEN? Did you just say when?!? There is no way my heart could handle another pregnancy that could possibly end in another loss.” My doctor paused, gently smiled and grabbed my hand and repeated “When you’re ready…” I completely broke down crying, but then again a lot of things made me break down crying at that time in my life. I’m crying now just writing this.

I think back on that conversation 6 years ago often…I think of this woman/doctor/mother/angel on Earth…who believed in me during a time I was so unbelievably broken. Not only did I not believe in myself, I accepted that was to be my life from here on out. A soul plagued with sadness and despair.


Hope is was got me through. Day after day, month after month, the hope grew larger than the fear. Until I was brave enough to try again.

And 5 years ago this week, my rainbow baby of Hope was placed into my arms by the same woman/doctor/mother/angel on Earth who handed me my stillborn son a year earlier. My son lives forever in my heart…and this little lady pictured here is my living, breathing reminder to always have hope.
I share this with you because maybe there is someone out there that feels unbelievably broken down with sadness and despair. I’m living proof that it does get better. I know it’s hard to imagine right now so…. WHEN you are ready, try again.

I believe in you.
Until you can believe in yourself again, I will believe in you. And remember H.O.P.E


With love,

Lucy Riles, Life of Mom Founder

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