Cheers to a forever kind of love❤️

I can’t remember if today would have been my parents 65th or 66th wedding anniversary…but then I realized it doesn’t matter. These two high school sweetheart’s love goes beyond years in life, it’s a forever kind of love❤️

This is my dad taking a nap next to my mom’s grave shortly after her death. He has since upgraded to a much bigger gravestone to include him too. I often describe how my dad was on the day of my mom’s funeral to people saying “if there was enough room in her coffin, he would have jumped in with her.”

Easy there Daddy, your 12 kids, 54 grandkids and 40+ great grandkids aren’t done with you yet!

65 or 66 years…small or big gravestone…rain, snow or sun…you will find my dad visiting my mom daily. He has kept a lawn chair in the back of his car for the past 11 years. In Spring and Summer, he brings his watering can to water his bride’s flowers.

Happy Anniversary to my Dad and his Girl “Worth a Million Pearls”

Cheers to a forever kind of love❤️

by @lucyriles

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