“Kid, You’ll Move Mountains”

Annual IEP meetings are like root canals…painful, exhausting, feeling like it will never end. Today was annual IEP day. 

Compared to years past, it went surprisingly well. I didn’t cry which was a first. For those lucky enough to not experience IEPs, let me explain something…there’s a reason there is a box of tissues on the table. It can be incredibly emotional for the parent as your child’s disabilities are dissected. 

There was a time I felt hopeless, so did the educators for that matter. Without going into specifics, it was recommended (many times) that my child would be best served in a special ed classroom. My response was always a firm NO. Because that’s not what the world looks like…as an adult, I am surrounded by all types of people, many of whom have taught me patience, tolerance and compassion. As a mom, I’ve seen my child fight and beat extraordinary odds. When professionals said she wouldn’t thrive or meet certain milestones, she met them before “the normal” child did. I use quotes for “normal” because who the heck wants to be normal anyways?!? It was important to me that my child be included in a general ed classroom. Just as I’d want my other two children to learn around children with various disabilities…

For several years, skeptics believed my child’s emotional/behavioral challenges would restrict her from learning in a gen ed classroom…well I’m thrilled to say that today in her IEP the biggest issue was rushing through work and spelling…WHAT?!? This is coming from a child that wouldn’t pick up a pencil. Zero, I repeat ZERO behavior issues!

Is her IEP file as thick as War and Peace? Sure is.

Did I advocate for more hours than it took to write War and Peace? Yep.

Will there be more battles and wars to win down the road? Without a doubt.

Am I going to celebrate the fact that my child is thriving in a general ed classroom when professionals said it couldn’t be done? ABSOLUTELY!

“Kid, you’ll move mountains.” -Dr. Seuss 

by Lucy Riles, Life of Mom Founder

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