World Peace Please

Woke up to this little one in bed with me rocking her big sister’s World Peace Please shirt as pajamas… hair a mess, sprawled out like a starfish in my bed sleeping like an angel.
Daddy rocked bedtime last night while I worked late, waking up to this shirt on this symbol of innocence inspired me to speak my truth…

Social media is absolutely crushing this mama’s soul lately… so much hurt, so much hate… and it’s impossible to avoid when your job involves being on just about every social outlet.

I’m not here to tell anyone how to think or what to do. I believe Moms are incredibly intelligent, insightful people who make decisions on what is best for their families. I don’t expect anyone to know what it’s like to walk in my shoes nor do I expect to know what it’s like to walk in theirs… we feel how we feel based on what has impacted our own personal life experiences.

I just keep going back to this quote from Mother Teresa “Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person.” So that’s always been my hope to do…

I have experienced love and loss, depression and joy, anxiety and peace, despair and hope. Many of you have too… these emotions impact every race, religion, gender, political party, economic status.. no one is immune to these emotions. There is enough pain and isolation in the world that my hope is to use this platform to unite moms, support one another and to help us feel less alone on this tumultuous ride called motherhood❤

Using Life of Mom to point out how our similarities as Mothers far outweigh our differences.

This mom isn’t waiting for leaders; I’m focused on raising 3 little lives to be kind, compassionate, loving citizens of the world.

Lucy Riles, Life of Mom Founder

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