The Decisions We Make As Moms Postpartum.

Here’s the thing and I might catch some slack for saying it but here goes…

There are a lot of Moms (and memes) calling out Princess Kate for showing up flawless hours after birth.

Here’s what I know, I was not that flawless… far from it!
With my 1st, I was discharged hours later only because my daughter was being transferred to another hospital to undergo open heart surgery. With my 2nd and 4th child, I was in the hospital a few days postpartum dealing with jaundice, breastfeeding, you name it.
With my 3rd child, I stayed in the hospital an extra day so I could mentally prepare to see my kids after delivering my stillborn son. 

With all of that said, I have zero issue with Kate primped and primed to go hours post delivery. I say you are not alone.

To the mothers that stay a few extra days to recover birth and enjoy the quiet, I say you are not alone.

To the mothers in the NICU nervously, anxiously awaiting the news that they can bring their baby home, I say you are not alone.

To the mothers who’ve had c-sections with a challenging road to recovery, you are not alone.

To the mothers who’ve had to leave the hospital after giving birth to a child that didn’t make it, I say you are not alone.

I’ve had sisters who’ve had flawless, rockstar pregnancies, labor and deliveries. I’ve watched my sister apply blush and lipgloss for photos minutes before delivering her 4th child. My labor and delivery experiences were NOT that… but I also know in my heart that some of us need more time to recover and that’s okay. And some of us don’t, like Princess Kate and my sister and that’s okay too!!

So let’s celebrate and support all of us moms and all the unique, special gifts we each possessWith that said, cheers to Duchess Kate on your 3rd child, wishing you a life full of good health and happiness❤️

Lucy Riles, Life of Mom Founder

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