Cherish the memories of you pregnancy and baby’s first year-and remember them always-with From Belly to Baby written by Life of Mom foudner, Lucy Riles

“Becoming pregnant is something I will never do. However, I was at my wife’s side as she went through childbirth four times, and she was absolutely amazing. This author’s words and guidance through pregnancy will help any expectant mom journey from belly to baby, just like my wife did. P.S., this author is my wife, and I love her.”

-Tom Riles of

“Lucy Riles is an amazing woman, mother, author, and friend. From Belly to Baby give soon-to-be moms a way to capture an epically special and simultaneously nauseating time in their lives. Once the baby comes, life goes sideways quickly. By journaling the important moments of conception to first year, these new moms are undoubtedly giving themselves an amazing gift, that they can go back and enjoy for many years to come.”

-Meredith Masony, founder of That’s Inappropriate and That’s Inappropriate Parents”

From Belly to Baby is the perfect journal for moms to chronicle the amazing journey of pregnancy to baby to toddler. In this digital age, it’s hard to keep track of all the pictures and milestones, but this journal helps keep every beautiful moment in one awesome place.”

-Schnelle Acevedo of

“Lucy Riles of Life of Mom is the perfect mama to walk you through your pregnancy journey, which makes her journal truly the perfect one to help you navigate and document your first experiences. I’m sad this heartwarming book wasn’t available when I was pregnant, but I know what I’ll be gifting all my new mama friends from now on!”

-Amy Chesler, Author & Chicken Soup for the Soul contributor

“I am giving this book to every new mama I know! Lucy’s journal will comfort you with all the wisdom shared in what to expect throughout your pregnancy and guide you with clever journal prompts so you never forget a milestone. This is the perfect book to celebrate motherhood!”

-Amberly Lago, best-selling author of True Grit and Grace